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Easy To Use
Upload full assortment of your product, manage orders, inventory and logistics
Fast Operations
Make B2B operations in a moment. Negotiations Orders Contracts
Save Money
Save time, Manage resources. Discover new market without additional costs
Cloud Based
Sync to cloud, never lose data. Real time process management
Easy Integratable
Integrated with accounting and logistics softwares
Reports and Analytics
Get important reports for set period of time. analyze your daily routine

Perfect Dashboard

Dashboard gives all necessary KPI's to monitor the health of a business, with it's easy assembly menu blocks. It gives opportunity to manage and take actions in different processes like ordering, negotiations, online contracts, accounting system, logistics and warehouse management. All the menu blocks can be expanded to see detailed information or to take action. Platform is supported to integrate with different IOT and software systems for better process management which leads to transparent system in your business.

Reports, Analytics & more

Getting reports making analytics and managing future action in sales business, never been so easy. platform gives all the necessary information about product penetration and costumers activites, with smart charts and our UX design provides pleasure interacting with interface by its Simplicity. Artificial intelligence part of platform gives you smart analytics for everyday business meetings and helps to plan future actions. With help of beyond mentioned AI, Software will Generate notifiations about your current situation and upcoming events, risks for preventing future problems. All of this tools are built for increasing efficiency.

Access tender dashboard
All the retailers can make a tender on a specific product based on demands. This field gives new opportunity to offer your product and make a successful deal
Marketing tools
Platform gives opportunity to make marketing in a different manner, withing a minit. You can make personal deals, discount, cashback, directed ads and more with the help of specific tools.
New marketplace, with rising amount of retailers and suppliers, it also helps in cross sales techniques. all of this is done for finding perfect segments for sales and maximizing efficiency.

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